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New Year, New Me

Year after year, we often make resolutions of how we intend on being a better person. We vow to lose weight, change diets, have better attitudes, get rid of toxic people, place and things....the list goes on and on. Initially, we start off on the right track. We commit to hitting the gym a few times a week, eat 3 lean meals a day, detox and purge our social media of those we no longer want to be attached to. We feel a little better, perhaps even happier than usual for a while. Eventually, the monotony sets in and we become complacent once again falling into old habits putting us back at square one. Why is it that for many we never reach our goal? I'd like to offer an answer and a solution.

In order to truly have a new year and a new you, you must stop trying to fix internal dissatisfaction wit rituals that only satisfy the surface. To really be new starts with renewing your mind first. Christ offers us new life and newness in him if we allow him to do a regenerative work in us. If we allow him to heal old wounds, old hurts, old dysfunction internally the external will begin to reflect the change. The truth is this: you can lose the weight, change the diet, buy new clothes and paint on a smile but if you still despise your true self and think yourself not worthy then nothing else will really matter.

Let this year be a true year of change. Experience the healing and restoration that God desires for you so that you can be better. If you're not sure where to start, ask him to show you the broken areas in you that need to be addressed. Then, allow him to do the work in you. 2019 will be the best year of your life for we are expect great things from our great God.


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